Allow us to bring a little bit of Emowills to your guests

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Our catering & events Packages

Our sophisticated catering packages are exquisitely crafted to suit your personal, professional and corporate needs. Please allow us to indulge you a little:

Emowills On-Location: Considered the crown jewel of the Emowills brand, our Emowills On-Location package is perfect for the busy professional. Our team plans and caters your event at your office location in Enugu or surrounding areas. Many clients value the efficiency of this package: you no longer have to worry about driving through traffic to a hotel or the time lost in transit. And best of all, we are on time –  every time! We recommend this package for business meetings, luncheons, seminars and other corporate functions.

Emowills Off-Site: In partnerships with our Emowills Rewards Partner Hotels in Enugu, the Emowills Off-Site package is designed for larger events. In this setting, we will cater your event off-site at one of our partner hotels (specific hotels and venues chosen to meet your needs). We recommend this package for larger events including annual general meetings, regional conferences, weddings and Igba Nkwu ceremonies.

Nigerians in the Diaspora

For our customers in the Diaspora, we know you value class, timeliness and streamlined service. Emowills is the only world-class caterer in Enugu – and east of the Niger. Offering personalized consultation and event planning, our North America team will work with you every step of the way to plan and execute your event and ensure that we exceed your expectations. With Emowills, you will not need to be present in Nigeria weeks before your events. Our Nigeria team will oversee every facet of your event planning and address any logistical challenge. We are here for you, we can get everything ready, and we are on time – every time.

If you’d prefer to speak with us first, please contact our North America team and our goal is to respond within 24 hours. Given our office locations on two continents, we have someone to speak with you at almost all hours of the day – irrespective of what part of the globe you are at. We are here for you, we can get everything ready, and we are on time – every time.

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